IBU Legal Affairs is providing help to academic and administrative personnel, students and departments within the University, in understanding and applying relevant government and IBU regulations in the course of their work or study at IBU.

Documents of the residence permit for first time applications (for foreign students):

  1. Passport (the validity period will be at least 16 months. also Passport will be Normal Passport)
  2. Criminal Record Certificate (with notary certified Macedonian translation)
  3. Recognizance*(with notary certified Macedonian translation) 
  4. Medical Insurance (travel insurance is not valid.)
  5. Biometric Photo (8 pieces. Photos will be size 3×3,5 cm with white background)
  6. Dormitory or rental agreements (notarized)
  7. Equivalency judgment of the High school diploma
  8. Study Program for four years (provided by IBU)
  9. Student Certificate (provided by IBU)
  10. Residence permit for application form (provided by IBU)
  11. Visa for application form (provided by IBU)

Documents for Equivalency of the high school diploma:

  1. High School Diploma with an apostille.
  2. High School Transcript with stamp and authority signature.
  3. Accreditation certificate from Directorate of national education (for private high schools only)*
  4. Identity Register copy*
  5. Certificate of place of residence*
  6. Letter of attorney*

Documents for extension of student’s residence permit:

  1. Residence permit Application form (provided by IBU)
  2. Student Certificate (provided by IBU)
  3. Dormitory or rental agreement (notarized)
  4. Passport (the validity period must be at least 16 months; passport must be Regular type)
  5. Bank Account Card Copy
  6. Medical Insurance Certificate (travel insurance is not valid.)
  7. Pay-bill (provided by IBU Accounting Office.)

* for further details, please get in touch with IBU Legal Affairs Office.