MAN 213 – Management of Public Non-Profitable Organizations

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MAN 213 – Management of Public Non-Profitable Organizations; Weekly hours: 2+0, ECTS: 4
This course introduces the concept of civil society, non-profit organizations and their role in the society, as the fastest growing part of the public sector. The non-profit sector plays a key role in the society and in the economy. Many essential goods and services, such as education and health care, are delivered by non – profits. They are also active in the political and public policy area. Also, they are important in providing the social capital that hold societies together and makes them work. The main objective of this course is to familiarize the students with the major management functions and systems in a non-profit organization and to explore important issues of NGO governance and accountability. The course will focus on developing knowledge on organizational structure and management, strategic planning, project management, financial management, leadership and networking, human resources and sustainability. After completion of this course, the students should be able to demonstrated knowledge and understanding in field of management of public non-profit organizations. The students will have competences and can apply their knowledge in field of planning, organizing, staffing, project development and NGO finances. The human resource management skills are also covered to stress the importance of applying participatory methodologies and tools to maintain the highest standards of motivation, with constraints of limited resources and self-sustainability.