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MAN 401 – Human Resources Management; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 5
HR Management is an essential part of the organizations. It differs from Personnel Management by giving importance on the human factor in the business administration. The purpose of this course is to provide the students basic points of Human Resource Management, recruitment, placement, training and development of the employee, compensations, labor relations and employee security. The lecture aims to provide accurate information on HR-related responsibilities and personnel management by focusing on some practical applications, concepts and techniques that the managers can use in business. The course content is the following: Introduction to Human Resource management; Human Resource Management: Managing Diversity; Strategic Planning and Human Resource Management; Job Analysis; Employment Planning and Recruiting; Developing and Using; Application Forms; Employee Testing and Selection; Interviewing Candidates; Training and Developing Employees; Managing Organizational Change and Development; Performance Management and Appraisal; Compensation, Incentives, and Benefits; Ethics and Fair treatment in HR management.