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MAN 402 – Change Management; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 6
This course will build students personal capacity to understand the academic theory behind organizational change; confidently take on a change leadership role;  integrate academic knowledge and practice skills to engage in authoritative change management; make sense of the opportunities presented by cultural change. The course covers the following topics:  Managing the Human Aspects of Change – the challenges arising out of managing people during times of significant change, understanding the involvement of individuals and groups within all successful changes. Organizational cultures, which are a reflection of the attitudes, values and beliefs of organizational members, can either aid or impede change. Participants will gain practical skills and tools both to analyze these cultures and influence cultural change.; Political and Institutional Perspectives on Change Management – interpret and make sense of change initiatives coming from higher levels within the organization. It focuses on the potentially large and unpredictable effects that political and economic events may have on individual organisations;- The Leadership of Change – leading change initiatives at all levels within organisations.