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MATH 202 – Differential equations; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 5
The objectives of the course are to give students knowledge of differential equations, solving them using software and application of differential equations in engineering. The curriculum includes the following themes: Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations (What is an Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE), How to recognize the order of an ODE, Formation of differential equations). First-order ODEs (Solution of ODEs by direct integration, Solution of ODEs by separating the variables). First order ODEs (Solution of ODEs by an appropriate substitution, Solution of ODEs by an integrating factor, Solution of Bernoulli’s equation). Homogeneous differential equations of second order. Solution of ODE of the form . Non-homogeneous differential equation. The solution of ODE of the form y”=F(y, y’). ODE Applications (Modeling vertical motion – the Galilean approach, Modeling fish population, Modeling radioactive decay, Modeling of cold medication, Modeling of accumulation of pollutant, Qualitative analysis of linear differential equations of first order, Vertical motion, Model for current in an LRC loop). Introduction to computer software ODE Architect Solver Tool and how to use the software for solving differential equations and applications modeled by differential equations.