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MATH 204 – Discreet mathematics; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 6
The main purpose of the course is to help the students grow in mathematical maturity, and in particular towards an understanding of the basic concepts of discrete mathematics. We will present the underlying foundations of discrete mathematics to develop the ability of the students to think in a more mathematical way, to show how these mathematical concepts can be applied and to encourage the students to apply these skills and knowledge. Final message taken home would be that mathematics exists to make our life easier and one could benefit greatly from its application in the area such as informatics where in particular the discrete mathematics is needed. The curriculum includes the following themes: Introduction to sets: Relations between sets, operations on sets; Propositional logic; Meta-language; Predicate logic; Relations; Operations on relations; Homogeneous relations; Functions; Vectors and matrices; Mathematical models; Graph theory; Combinatorial analysis; Permutations.