Valuable members of the great family of International Balkan University,
It represents an extra-ordinary honour and privilege to address all of you with this letter as the new President of the Management Board of the International Balkan University and President of the Assembly of the Foundation for Education and Culture “ÜSKÜP”. I have been honored to this position relying on the vision, trust and success that IBU represents today all over Balkans, Turkey and further beyond. In the very beginning, allow me to share with you one of the leading principles of my life, and that is – “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”.
There have been countless important moments in my life, but let me confess, I have always spared a special place in my heart for IBU, since its foundation in 2006. I believed then and I believe much more today, IBU is a prominent higher-education institution in the Balkans. With its multinational, multicultural and multi-religious background, IBU plays a crucial role in building and fortifying bridges of cooperation, mutual support and brotherhood between the peoples of the Balkans and Turkey.
IBU today delivers the most qualitative education in Macedonia and this is recognized by international standards, such as the Shanghai Ranking, which ranked IBU on the top of universities in Macedonia in the field of teaching and learning. As we cherish this historic success for our university, we strive for better and further, since in our philosophy, there is no limit for quality and progress. Guided by God and the people who replace dreams with real work, we will engage ourselves in reaching new peaks ahead and do everything it takes to make IBU a worldwide education brand!
I conclude this letter with a promise: the University Management Board will be your greatest support, you will be our greatest motivation, IBU will be our greatest pride!
President of the IBU Management Board
Honorary Consul of Republic of Turkey to Macedonia
President of the Macedonian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce