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The success story of the International Balkan University began in 2006. The Foundation for Education and Culture “USKUP” was founded by a group of intellectuals and academicians (scholars) to establish the INTERNATIONAL BALKAN UNIVERSITY as a cultural bridge between the Balkans and Turkey, with the intent of increasing the quality level of human capital in the region.


As a provider of high-quality education, International Balkan University has adopted the mission of educating self-confident, multidimensional, socially responsible and globally competitive individuals. In addition, the university produces high-quality scientific research that will contribute to technological and economic development in the region. With this mission in mind, International Balkan University aims to become a renowned international educational institution that sees cultural diversity as an asset, and that contributes to the development and stability of the Balkans by producing the best professional individuals who are ready to compete in the workforce.

High Quality Education

IBU has 7 faculties, including 18 undergraduate programs and 10 graduate programs in a variety of fields, such as engineering, architecture, economics, administrative sciences, fine arts, educational sciences, communication, humanities, and social sciences. Our graduates with their professional qualifications on one hand, and the university’s research output to the development of science through national and international projects, organized symposia, workshops, conferences and academic events on the other, have significantly contributed to the university’s mission of increasing the educational level in the region.

International Cooperations

International Balkan University is an educational medium that transfers knowledge and experience in higher education from Turkey to the Balkans. Through numerous Mevlana and Erasmus Exchange programs and bilateral cooperation agreements with prominent Turkish universities, IBU has adopted the policy of utilizing diversity to achieve academic competence. The academic programs of International Balkan University have been accredited by the Macedonian Ministry of Education and Science, as well as by the prestigious Turkish Higher Education Council. Furthermore, starting from 2013, our degree programs are enlisted in the ÖSYS Booklet, thus creating an exclusive opportunity for Turkish students to easily enroll at IBU.

The Multicultural Mosaic

With the multicultural and multiethnic composition of both students and academics, International Balkan University is a truly international university. Our students come from Macedonia, Turkey, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bulgaria. Students also benefit by being immersed in the multiethnic and multicultural academic environment that the university offers, which has contributed to building cultural wealth and harmony.


The university places specific emphasis on the development of technical and physical facilities to serve students in a better environment. Bearing this in mind, the newly constructed campus facilities enhance the existing premises and offer students modern educational standards and new horizons.

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