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MK101 – Macedonian Language I; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 5
The goal of this course is to enrich vocabulary, practicing the spoken language, learning the various linguistic, grammatical structures, overcoming the various models of academic writing skills in written forms in the Macedonian Language.  The curriculum includes the following themes in Macedonian: Let’s get know each other. Personal subject pronouns, verbs of A-groups and E-group. The Present Tense, the verb СУМ, numbers What is your profession. Verbs – Present Tense of the И – group, yes – no questions and answers, the gender of nouns, transitivity of verbs, What is this? I want to speak with Maria. The plural of nouns, demonstrative pronouns, modal verbs, Maria is very beautiful. Adjectives, the Future Tense. The possessive pronouns, telling the time in Macedonian, Quantifying Pronouns and Adverbs.