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PHYS 102 – Physics II; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 5
In this course we aim to familiarize students with the principles of modern physics which are applicable in industry and technical equipment, such as optical equipment and ultra sound equipment. The student will be able to describe wave motion, superposition of waves, wave reflection and transmission, explain the traveling and standing waves, wave velocity, energy; describe straight-line-motion behavior of light through ray optics using reflection and refraction in mirror lenses; understand the use of mirror and lenses in optical instruments such as telescopes, cameras and human eye; solving simple problems involving flat and spherical mirrors and ray-optics instruments. The curriculum includes the following themes: Waves, Superposition and Interference of waves, Standing waves, Resonance; Reflection and refraction (ray optics, reflection and refraction, total internal refraction, the prism and dispersion, images formed by plane mirrors, spherical mirrors, the speed of light); Lenses and Optical Instruments (lenses, the dimple magnifier, the compound microscope, telescopes, the eye, lens Maker’s formula);  Wave Optics (Interference of light, condition of interference, Young’s double-slit experiment, intensity distribution of the double-slit interference pattern,  phasor addition waves, change of phase due to reflection, interference in thin films, Michelson Interferometer, coherence); Diffraction and Polarization  (Fraunhofer and Fresnel diffraction, single-slit diffraction, the Rayleigh criterion, gratings and multiple slits, single slit diffraction intensity).