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POL 203 – Constitutional Law: Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 6
This course offers opportunity to learn, about the specific powers of Congress, the Executive Branch, and the Judiciary, and will cover equal protection of the laws, freedom of speech. Students are expected to know the constitutional law canon, by which I mean: What individual rights does/should the Constitution protect? What are the fundamental (unresolved) constitutional interpretative issues?  How does one go about constructing a good constitutional interpretive argument that an individual has constitutional right ?Introduction to constitutional law; The citizen and the constitution; Separation of Powers ; The citizen and the legislature, Congressional power, Congress and the States The Source and Scope of Congressional Power; Judiciary, Judicial Power; The citizen and judicial control of the abuse of power; Modes of Constitutional Interpretation.; The citizen and the executive, Government power to undertake certain executive actions.; The citizen and the State the Source and Scope of Presidential Power. Appointment and Removal Power. Presidential Power over Foreign Policy Executive Authority in the Conduct of Foreign Affairs; The constitution of the Republic of Turkey;