PR 103 – Interpersonal Communication

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PR 103 – Interpersonal Communication; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 5
This course provides the students with the theoretical and practical knowledge required to understand the interpersonal communication in different social contexts and situations. It familiarizes students with the key concepts, elements, and dynamics as with the new theories and models of interpersonal communication through which they can understand their communication capacity and their impression management within the interpersonal, group and public real-life situations. It also introduces them with the computer-mediated communication. This course contains the following topics: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication; Perception, Self and Identity; Impression management; Verbal vs. Nonverbal Communication; Understanding Interpersonal Relationships; Managing Interpersonal Relationships; Groups, Roles and Identity; Managing communication in groups; Public communication; Computer-mediated Communication: Key concepts and processes; Computer-mediated Communication: Online Identity, Online Environments and Social Interaction.