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PR 201 – Introduction to Public Relations; Weekly hours: 2+2, ECTS: 6
The aim of this course is to introduce to the students the practice and theory of public relations. It introduces students to the core principles of public relations, its history, and the development of communication strategies and tactics for a range of different publics. It also allows students to begin to develop an understanding of ethical issues, professional values, campaign planning and writing techniques in the field of public relations. Introduction to  Public Relations; Defining of Public Relations; History of Public Relations; Differences and similarities between Мarketing, Public Relations and Аdvertising; Characteristics Models of Public relations; Gruing & Hunt’s Models; Public Relations and Communication and Level of Communications; History of communication models; Public Relations and politics, Government public relations; Government & Political public relations and media management; Information management and media; Symmetrical and asymmetrical government public relations; Public relations and management; Public relations in strategy-making.