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PR 202 – Organizational Communication; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 5
This course provides students with a comprehensive view of the communication in business setting and its specifics, roles, and implications. Well developed and effective business communication skills are the fundamental tool for promotion and professional development within the business world. Being part of this course will help students to pursue enough information, knowledge, practice of how to use their interpersonal communication processes and skills to organize and to improve their business/organizational goals and culture (employment, firm development, communication and promotion, career development, etc.) This course includes: Adopting a Perspective; Perception and Paradigms; Verbal Communication; Nonverbal Communication; Listening; Effective Interpersonal Communication in Organizations; Effective Leadership in Organizations; Small Group and Team Communication; Meetings: making them work; Presentations: speaking successfully ‘on your feet’; Negotiation: making the best deal; New Communication Technology.