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PR 401 – Media and Society; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 6
This course gives students a clear understanding of the factors influencing the media today. It aims to provide the students with an in-depth look at media and offers a theoretical foundation for understanding media’s impact on society. Media and Society will provide students with understanding the ways in which the media have become deeply entwined in social life in a large scale post-industrial society. The course will create an understanding of the processes through which the media are enabled and constrained by such factors as technology, law, industry structure, organizational structure, occupational careers, and market. It examines real, imagined, and potential effects of the mass media on individuals and society. Media and Society also examine the relationship between new media and culture, social interaction, social organization, and social change.This course will introduce the critical concepts and hands-on skills related to so-called “new media”—which are mostly a reconfiguration and re-contextualization of older media such as film, television, and graphic design for print publications. We will consider these significant shifts in the reading/viewing/listening experience while remaining mindful of new media’s connections with the old.