PSY 403 – Family Psychology and Counseling

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PSY 403 – Family Psychology and Counseling; Weekly hours: 2+0, ECTS: 4
This course aims to introduce to students “thinking” in terms of systemic and relational processes versus individual processes in diagnosis and intervention related to childhood problems and disorders, as well couple and marital problems on the level of aggression, depression, diverse and chronic illnesses. The course contains the following topics: introduction  to family psychology and relational and systemic paradigm, emotional problems and coping within relations,  development of family system through life cycles, violence in the family – on couple as well children level and possibilities for dealing (reducing, terminating )  with it using psychosocial interventions, remarriage and new families, fatherhood and the role of motherhood in transitional family conditions, familiar triangulations, family health, depression, possibilities for counseling and interventions.