Rector of the International Balkan University

Prof. Dr. Lütfi Sunar began his undergraduate education in 1997 in the Department of International Relations and Economics at Istanbul Bilgi University, where he acquired foundational knowledge in the field. He later completed his master’s degree in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Yıldız Technical University. His master’s thesis, titled “Understanding Imperialism: Theoretical Approaches,” showcased his academic competence and earned him recognition within the academic community.

Continuing his academic career with a doctoral education, Sunar completed his PhD studies in the Department of Sociology at Istanbul University. His doctoral thesis, titled “Approaches of Karl Marx and Max Weber to Eastern Societies,” demonstrated his in-depth research capabilities.

Prof. Dr. Lütfi Sunar began his academic career at Istanbul University in 2006, initially as a research assistant. He later obtained the title of assistant professor and continued his academic career at the same university.

Since 2017, Sunar has been a faculty member in the Department of Sociology at Istanbul Medeniyet University, where he earned the title of professor.

His research interests encompass sociological theory, orientalism, the concept of the “other,” social change, and stratification in Turkey. He has authored numerous articles and important books in these areas, including titles such as “Marx and Weber on Oriental Societies,” “Business Partnerships in Turkey,” and “Marx and Weber in Eastern Societies.”

Prof. Dr. Lütfi Sunar also holds positions as a Board of Trustees Member and Chairman of the Board at the İLKE Foundation.

With advanced proficiency in English, Sunar continues his academic studies on the international stage, contributing to the development of social sciences.