Rector’s Board constitutes of the Rector, Vice-rectors, Deans of the Faculties, Directors of Institutes and Schools, and representatives of the Student Parliament.
The secretary general of the University shall participate in the Rector’s Board as a reporter without having the right to vote. For certain issues of importance for the University, the other members of the University can participate in Rector’s Board Meetings, if they are invited.

Rector’s Board within its competences shall:
– prepare and propose acts and materials for the issues which the Senate and the Rector decide for;
– look through and give ideas for the Study Programmes of the faculties;
– look through and give opinion for the Study and Courses Programmes for the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies of first, second and third cycle of a Higher Education which the University organizes directly;
– decide for the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary scientific-research projects;
– elect the Secretary General of the University and upon the rector’s proposal; discharge him,
– select two members of the Inter-university conference with a secret voting;
– decide for the right functioning of the faculties within the University;
– make a decision for organizing organizations and organizational units of the University;
– make decisions about University’s current international cooperation;
– organize of issuing diplomas and other documents for the graduated studies;
– appoints ideas for joining or dismemberment of the faculties in the University;
– appoints ideas for the cease of need of some existing faculties or higher professional schools of the University and for their eventual transformation to other higher educational institutions;
– appoint and advertise for the enrollments of the first, second and third cycle of higher education;
– decide about the publishing activity of the University;
– execute others functions ascertained with the Statute of the University or for which the
Rector will be authorized for;
– the rector has a right to put veto to a Rector’s Board’s decision when he/she assumes that this is in interest of the University and
– the Senate and the Management Board of the University make decision about disputed matters.
– enacts final decisions on disciplinary procedures towards staff and students.