Prof. Dr. Mehmet Dursun ERDEM
Rector of International Balkan University

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Dursun Erdem was born in 1977 in Ordu, Turkey. He completed his primary and secondary education in Aybasti and finished his high-school education with a scholarship granted by the government of Republic of Turkey, in the Ordu boarding school.

He received his Bachelor’s degree in 1998 at the Department of Turkish Language and Literature, in Ondokuz Mayıs University in Amasya. At the same year, he was accepted as a research assistant at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, department of Turkish Language and Literature, in the field of Contemporary Turkish Languages.

He received his MA in 2001 and his PhD degree in 2005. In 2008 he received the title Associate Professor, whereas in 2013 he was bestowed the title Professor. With this title he became the youngest professor in his field in Turkey.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Dursun Erdem has been a member of various foundations and NGOs in Turkey, as well as a columnist for the education section, at the Milli Gazete newspaper. Currently, he is writing for the Journal of Türkiye Verimlilik Vakfı, where he is the academic adviser. In addition, he is the editor of various International Journals, as well as an academic advisor for BIDEP TÜBITAK.

Throughout his academic career he served as the Head of Department, Vice-Dean, Dean, senate and executive board member at the University. He is the founder and chief editor of the world-renowned Turkish Studies Journal. He has organized numerous international conferences in Rome, Andalusia-Spain, Jerusalem, Bosnia, Uzbekistan and Serbia, as well as many national conferences in Turkey.

He has published more than 100 scientific research papers in prestigious Journals in Turkey, USA and South Korea. He is the author of more than 40 scientific books. His most recent book was translated into Albanian and various other languages. His research on the Samsun Dialect was awarded by the Swedish Institute of Turkish Studies, for the most detailed research conveyed by a single researcher.

On 26th October 2018, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Dursun Erdem was elected Rector of International Balkan University.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Dursun Erdem is married and a father of three children.