Dear friends,

On behalf of the International Balkan University, allow me to give you a brief introduction to our University. The International Balkan University is founded in 2006 by the Foundation for Education and Culture “ÜSKÜP”. It is a foundation, non-profitable university, one of a kind in the Republic of North Macedonia. Located in the heart of the Balkans, IBU is a gathering point for students from all over the region, including Turkey. This makes IBU a multinational, multi-religious and multicultural institution. If we add the fact that IBU is English speaking, teaching and learning medium, then we can conclude that the epithet “international” fits our University the best.

IBU has accredited programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. In accordance with the trends in modern education, our study programs are specific and responsive to the challenges of today and tomorrow. There is also a Preparatory Programme for English Language for those students who lack sufficient knowledge of English, delivering around 1000 hours of teaching and practice within a year. If you plan to be an expert in a field such as engineering, architecture, economics, administrative sciences, fine arts, educational sciences, communication, humanities, and social sciences – then IBU is the place to be. What makes IBU exceptional is the fact that every academic year, we deliver a significant number of scholarships for students from all over the Balkans. In this way, our donors and supporters invest in successful students, by providing them educational support and great chances for immediate employment right after graduation. In regards to the tuition fees for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, IBU still remains the most affordable university in North Macedonia and wider in the region.

The academic programs of International Balkan University have been accredited by the Board of Accreditation of the Republic of North Macedonia, as well as by the prestigious Turkish Higher Education Council. Furthermore, starting in 2013, our degree programs are enlisted in the ÖSYS Booklet, thus creating an exclusive opportunity for Turkish students to easily enroll at IBU.

Confirmation for our committed work, qualified academic staff, dedication to research and investment, social responsibility and service came directly from the most reputational institution in the world which deals with university ranking. The track record of success saw IBU ranked as the best private university in North Macedonia in 2012 by the world-known Shangai University Ranking, according to criteria specifically designed for ranking world academic institutions.

IBU is proud to have the most modern and equipped campus not only in North Macedonia, but wider in the region. We provide our staff and students with the latest educational and working standards as a ground for grasping new horizons and reaching greater achievements.

In the end, allow me to emphasize once again – our doors are widely open for students from Turkey and the Balkan region, as well as from other countries in the world.

IBU is a guarantee for qualitative and prosperous education. IBU is the most fortified bridge towards a successful career… all this, because we educate the leaders of tomorrow!

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Dursun Erdem