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RLGS 212 – History of Religions; Weekly hours: 2+1; ECTS: 5
This course is designed as a history of religion and religious studies. It deals with the religious experience of mankind, and examines the ideas, concepts, practices and figures which are the characteristic features of religious traditions. Paying particular attention to such mainstream religious movements as Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Judaism the course will also discuss some theories on religion. Through this course the student will gain a basic understanding of history of religion. Main goal of the course is  to explore the history of diverse and complex characteristics of religious traditions by means of the first-hand sources of religion; to identify important topics for the study of religion, describe the theories they advance, and offer critiques of those theories;  to distinguish between the academic study of religion and personal religious commitment. Course contents are: The introduction to history of religion; The monoteistic religions: the principles of Islam; The sects of Islam; The principles of Christianity; The sects of Christianity; The principles of Judaism; The sects of Judaism; The hindus religions I: Induism and Jainism; The hindus induhinreligions II: Budism and Sikhism;  Religions in China and in Japan; Dualism: Gnosticism: Zoroatrism, Sabiism and Maniheism; Polytheism: The ancient religions.