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STA 202 – Statistics for Social Sciences; Weekly hours: 2+0, ECTS: 4
Objectives of the curriculum: The course aims to provide the students with information about statistic operations during the processing of scientific researches, as well as practical application of the acquired knowledge. Within this subject, the students will become familiar with the statistic indicators, correlations, tests, as well as their practical application in separate researches. At the end of the course, the students will be able to define separate statistic indicators; to make an assessment in regard to statistic indicators, which will be given for an advantage in different situations; to practically apply the statistic indicators; to understand and critically observe the texts in which the statistic indicators are used. Levels of measurement and forms of data, Definition of variables, Measurement of central tendency, Measurement of dispersion, Formation and interpretation of contingency tables, Statistic interference and tests of importance, Distribution of probabilities and one sample of z and t-tests, Two samples of t-test, One of the manners of analysis of the variance, Measurement of associations in contingency tables, Chi-squared test.