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STA 301 – Business Statistics; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 6
This course will cover some important topics from Statistics and Data analysis as well as their applications. The students will learn to describe, analyze and summarize data, get introduced to distributions, samples and sample statistics. Also they will learn about parameter estimation and hypothesis testing. Through theory and practical work they will understand the basic concepts of statistics and their important applications in the business world. The curriculum provides an understanding of the importance of statistics in the business world, collecting and presenting data. The course also includes: fundamentals of descriptive analysis and a data description and comparison, measures of central tendency and variability. Special attention is paid to the Normal distribution. Students will be also introduced in: Hypothesis testing: one and two tailed predictions; Sampling: population, samples; Hypothesis Testing with One Sample; Confidence Intervals; Selecting Samples for Comparison: Designing Experiments, Interpretations; Hypothesis Testing with Two Samples: Two Sample t-test, Related and Independent t-test. The students will be able to use basic quantitative methods in solving problems in different aspects of business life.