IBU Theater Club

The IBU theater club is established for the purpose of raising the artistic awareness of the university students and the people of the region and is hosting the exhibitions of all the field events in cooperation with other university clubs which are mainly theaters, producing cultural events, providing application areas to contemporary staging forms, providing art education, is a voluminous theater scene that contributes to the cultural development of the university by hosting all the activity groups in the performing arts.

Lejla Ramadani
email: lily.ramadani@gmail.com

Dancing Club

The International Balkan University Dancing Club has Argentine Tango, Social Latin Dances (Salsa, Bachata), Modern Dance and Freestyle Dances (Hip Hop, Break Dance, Trap Dance, Latino dance). In the club, trainings are given to each member of the club in the presence of professional trainers. The people designated by the club administration have the obligation to participate in dance festivals and competitions. All members, including the board of directors, are obliged to adhere to the ” The International Balkan University Dance Club Direction”.

Cagri Aksak
email: ca.aksak@gmail.com

Debate Club

International Balkan University aims to increase the students’ general culture, history, speech and persuasion skills and to meet with the “debate” which is accepted as one of the most intellectual activities of the world and to provide the students with a wide range of education, environmental issues, spartan sanata, science, history, economics, to exchange ideas about the subject.
For this purpose, debate sessions are held every week on a determined day. Debates are held in an Event. Students will have the opportunity to test their experience in training and matches as well as in in-university or collegiate tournaments.

Asrin Bislimi
email: intellegendgay@hotmail.com

Music Theory and Practice Club

It is a combination of music, dance and theater Musical art. Their roots endure up to ancient Greece and today they are regarded as one of the most respected and most difficult dancers among the performing arts all over the world. Its development has been especially in Europe and America. Many musicals, which are staged continuously for more than 20 years and are still staged, show how much this song is popular and how popular it is.
The Anadolu University Musical Group is divided into 3 departments, namely “actor”, “orchestra” and “technical team”, and members can attend any of them. At the beginning of each semester, the community, which is teaching members in music / dance / theater areas, staged a musical show at the end of each semester, due to the work they have carried out throughout the semester. The activities of the group are not only educational and demonstrations, but also free musical films for members during the semester, outdoor excursions, picnic etc. There are many social and cultural enriching events.

Ali Suat Piskin
email: alisuatpiskin@hotmail.com

Social Evolution Club

Recognizing social responsibility and social responsibility awareness as an indispensable principle, the International Balkan University Voluntary Community Services Club continues to work in this context without giving a break.
The projects we are conducting;
Nursing Home Visits
Animal Shelter Visit
Preschool for our future
Imagination Share
Make a wish
Sapling Planting
Seminars and Trainings

Esma Nur Selva Bebek 
email: kaya.okul.1998@gmail.com

Chess Club

The aim of the Chess Club is to bring together the chess fans in the university. The master player, who invites the players to become members of the club, can not take the king and the king, “the important thing is not to know more or less chess, love chess, enjoy chess” is the idea. The aim is to organize friendship matches, simultanous demonstrations and similar activities outside the university, as well as chess lessons at various levels.

Avni Thaci
email: avnithachi@gmail.com

Graphic Inovation Club

Our club, which is established to carry out studies, reviews and evaluations in the field of graphics and animation, will inform the club members about the new techniques and tricks.
By reviewing the render programs used in 3D packages, the club members will be able to use the program in an appropriate and active way to perform realistic visualization, and also to provide information on activities that support professional careers (projects, presentation, visual design, etc.) by working on materials, light sources, imaging cameras and visualization settings. will expand its vision. Graphics and Animation Balkans met with people and institutions in the sector to create a common work area and aims to strengthen the student-industry relations.

Dinko Bejtovic
email: dinko.bejtovic@gmail.com

Turkish Association Club

It is to ensure that the stages of literary work and the present situation are introduced to the students of our university. It is thus to try to contribute to the development of the students’ vision and the enrichment of their cultural facilities.

Suleyman Agah Demirgul
email: agahdemirgul@gmail.com

Cinema Club

International Balkan University Cinema Club aims to participate in various competitions and festivals by filming with the workshops it organizes. It provides a controversial environment for making film screenings and analyzing movies. In addition to these activities, it also aims to be a fun and educational club that participates in film festivals and social activities with its members.

Muhammed Samil Guney 
email: sansar0@windowslive.com