1. All students are free to organize and join student clubs at the university, subject to all applicable university regulations, policies, and procedures. In order to establish student clubs, the application form must be filled out accordingly and submitted via our email address.


  2. In filling out the application form, students must designate a coordinator and five founding members, outline the aims and goals of the club, provide accurate contact information of those involved and state planned activities.


  3. Once the application has been reviewed, the committee will approve the application and an advisor from the academic staff will be appointed, after which the club may be officially registered and recognized.


  4. The committee for student clubs consists of a Vice-Rector, representative of the secretary-general and representative of the Student Union.


  5. Students which will be involved in the organization and/or activities of student clubs, must be currently registered as regular students in one of our undergraduate or postgraduate programs.


  6. Activities of student clubs must be conducted in accordance with the laws and regulations of North Macedonia and International Balkan University including but not limited to the Law on Higher Education of North Macedonia and Statute of the International Balkan University


  7. The advisors of student clubs are responsible for providing guidance and support to the coordinator and club members in their activities and organization. A single advisor can be responsible for up to two (2) student clubs. Activities of the student club have to be approved by their designated advisor.

Application Address: studentclub@ibu.edu.mk