The Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mr. Zoran Zaev honored the International Balkan University and the graduates of Class 2019 with his participation at the Graduation Ceremony which was held on 10th June 2019 at the IBU Campus in Skopje.
Below we would like to share the address of Prime Minister Zaev at the Graduation Ceremony:
“Distinguished Rector of the International Balkan University, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Dursun Erdem,
Distinguished President of the Management Board of the University, Mr. Ajdovan Ademoski,
Distinguished Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Skopje, Mrs. Tulin Erkal Kara,
It is my distinct pleasure to be part of this event of promoting 250 students – graduates on graduate and post-graduate (master) studies on 7 faculties and 15 study programs on the International Balkan University.
The International Balkan University is high-education institution and presents a serious stakeholder in the system of high education in the Republic of North Macedonia. The International Balkan University is a bridge of cooperation between our country, the Balkan region countries and Turkey.
By investing in new university campus here, in the capital, with most modern conditions for education, science and research, the International Balkan University has proven that investing in North Macedonia is a smart step, especially when the investment directly concerns the young generations and universities.
Being a foundation and non-profitable university, the International Balkan University in its history so far, has proven its social responsibility and care for the young generations, by awarding 1,000 scholarships for the most talented students. This year’s decision of the University’s management to award full scholarships for the best three graduates from all high schools in the country is in harmony with our shared determination – to keep the best and most talented young people here, to provide them with quality education and to create their future here, in our country and in our region.
Using this approach to the youth the International Balkan University has developed a unique module and way of functioning that is worth to be followed and supported.
The International Balkan University is an international university in its most essential meaning of the word because it involves an academic environment for working and studying into English only while the scholars and students are consisted of people with various national, religious and cultural backgrounds.
Additionally, it is important to underline that through the mobility network Erasmus +, the International Balkan University besides enabling our students to acquire experiences in Europe and to build friendships and network of cooperation with their European peers in the course of their studies; it also welcomes European students here, in North Macedonia.

In line with the overall, and especially the economic development, it is especially important that the universities respond to the needs of the labor market, but also to the investors’ needs of qualified and globally competitive staff.
In that line, I strongly support the cooperation of the International Balkan University with the business community and national institutions and I encourage the deepening of this cooperation with new partnerships that will bring successful results for all of us.
I hereby support the decision of the University to establish а Faculty of Medical Science. This is a bold and true step forward in the high education and while expressing my most sincere wishes for future successful academic achievements, I welcome this initiative and I strongly believe that the young generations who study at this University will be future leaders in our communities.
Thank you. “