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TUR 101 – Turkish Language I; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 5
The aim of this course is to introduce the students to elementary Turkish language skills.  The course begins with the Turkish alphabet and studies basic Turkish by reading and writing of easy and simple sentences. Introduction:  Dialogs for introductions; “good morning, good evening” night, day and morning introductions, Daily life: “What are you doing?”, Where to?, How are you?, What is up? What do you do? Time; hours and telling the time; Expressions of locations, Family and Friends; possessive pronouns and adjectives; home and neighborhood, Cities: Locations, prepositions, agglutination, vowel harmony, Time Passes by: Simple past tense, from past to now; past perfect tense, Memories: Present Tense; linkings, with, ‘ile, Bon Appetite: “What shall we eat?”, “Ne Yiyelim?”, Imperatives; “What do you order?”, “Ne Alirsiniz?”Subjunctive Mood: Comparatives: Adjectives / Adverbs; Superlative Adj / Adv.; Bureaucracy Everywhere: “Dear Officer / Sir/ Madam”; Present tense; “We are in a trouble!”; “Basimiz Dertte”;, Request for Help: “ki” Diminutives; Dative, Locative suffix; ablative forms of “Nere”., Negative Verb: Interrogative Particle.